Scientific Advancement for Sendai Framework on DRR

Scientific Advancement for Sendai Framework on DRR - contribution from Tohoku University

2017.10.2[Mon] - 10.6[Fri]

- 3.11 Fact Data -

On March 11, 2011, an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 occurred, which was the largest earthquake ever recorded in Japan. About 30 to 60 minutes after the earthquake, a massive tsunami hit a wide area along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. With the wave run‐up height over 40 meters in some places, the tsunami caused devastating damage to coastal areas.

In Fukushima, a nuclear power plant was destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami, cutting off the external power source and resulting in the failure of the cooling system. This eventually led to the meltdown of a number of reactors.
The earthquake and tsunami caused 15,894 deaths and over 1,120,000 buildings were completely or partially destroyed. 2,558 people are still listed as missing. (As of 10 June, 2016)

Source: Reconstruction Agency